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Artist and now author, Renee Barnes has created loving and lively characters who share in one adventure after another. In book one, Kanatipillar's New Shoes, Winslow the owl and his close friend Montebello the giant mushroom are taking a morning stroll when they happen to come upon Kanatipillar, a rather disgruntled centipede.

As Kanatipillar joins in their walk to Katrinka's house, Winslow and Montebello observe that Kanatipillar suffers some pain with his feet.

Winslow decides that what Kanatipillar needs is shoes. Kanatipillar is joyful at the prospect of protecting his sensitive feet and agrees it would be wonderful. They are quickly joined by Kopan, a spirited wood fairy, then Hodges and Hunny hedgehogs, Sally Sunflower and her son Haboo, Kokola the raccoon, Spike the turtle, and of course Katrinka Sweetblossom. However, they soon discover that this project is more challenging then expected when they observe that Kanatipillar has fourteen feet. They begin to wonder where they can find fourteen shoes and can they possibly all fit and will they be alike. Never one to let obstacles get in the way, Katrinka and her pals set out to obtain fourteen shoes for Kanatipillar. As a result, Kanatipillar learns what good friends he has and how special everyone in the Evergreen Wood really is.

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In book II, "Kopan and the Honeybees," Kopan, a lively little wood fairy is faced with an emergency situation. It appears that the beehive is about to dislodge it self from the great tree. Kopan realizes he must act quickly in order to prevent the hive from destruction which could cause the loss of the entire honey harvest. The problem is that the bees are so upset they won't listen to him. This frantic situation calls for Kopan to keep a cool head, confront the menace and also find the bee queen. He will need her help in restoring some calm. Only Kopan with his amazing speed and quick wit could possibly challenge a problem of this magnitude. Who or what is causing the beehive to dislodge, and even more of a mystery, why?

These fully illustrated books present a charming and adventurous life in the forest of the Evergreen Wood. Through a variety of situations, mishaps and discoveries, these delightful creatures explore, challenge and conquer. As they face some dangerous and even threatening problems, these forest pals find the meaning of loyalty and bravery as they face numerable circumstances and build a bond of true friendship.

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Winslow Learns A Lesson

Again, something is up in the Evergreen Wood. Kopan has ask Katrinka to join him in a picnic. Katrinka declines as she remembers Winslow is coming and would not be able to find her. Kopan says they can leave a note that winslow cannot miss and he will then join them.

Katrinka thinks that is a wonderful idea and happily goes off with Kopan. However, Mr. Feathergray, the pesky blue jay sees what is happening and takes the note away leaving nothing for Winslow.

Along the way, they meet Spike the turtle, Ms. Emily the duck and her three ducklings plus, Montebello and Kanatipillar. Merrily, they all join in for the picnic hoping that Winslow will be along soon.

In the meantime, Winslow, worried about Katrinka is frantically flying all over the forest in search of her. When he sees them at the old mill pond, he jumps to conclusions and starts spouting accusations at everyone.

When he finds he is mistaken he is so embarrassed and remorseful that he just turns and flies away.

Katrinka realizes there is more to this and implores Kopan to bring Winslow back so they can unravel the mystery behind the missing note.

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Ladybug Junction

A wave of terror ran through Mayor Essenfeld as he received the news that the crows were on a rampage. Their goal was to destroy all the tiny insect villages within the Evergreen Wood.

The mayor was frantically trying to consider his options when Spike the turtle appears and offers his assistance. Spike suggests that they go over to see Katrinka and the other forest friends. He believes that with everyone helping, they will be able to find a solution and save the insect villages.

The mayor and the other ladybugs pile on Spike’s back for a rather wild ride to Katrinka’s house.

The mayor was happy to see that so many friends were already there and quickly reveals the terrible news. Katrinka remembers that she had heard of a giant spider with the ability to spin enormous webs with unbelievable strength. She thought that if this spider could spin a large and very strong web over the entrance of Ladybug Junction the crows would be stopped. The problem was that no one really knew where this mysterious spider lived or if he would even consider assisting them.

However, armed with courage and a great deal of faith, the little band of friends, led by Katrinka the frog, Kopan the wood fairy, Winslow the owl and Montebello the mushroom, along with the other forest pals, they fearlessly depart to pursue what could prove to be a very dangerous mission.

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Mister Robin and the Magical Discovery

Out one morning for a leisurely stroll, Mister Robin encounters little Camille, the tiny wood fairy princess. She is crying softly to herself. He soon discovers the reason for her distress. Her wings are too big and drag on the ground so she is unable to fly like the other fairies. As he is consoling her, they take a walk and come upon a very dreary part of the forest. As they pass through, a magical event takes place but neither Mister Robin or Camille saw this transformation. However, at the same time, Zooker, the forest miser was lurking in the bushes and saw this magic happen. He then plots to capture little Camille for himself and selfishly use her magic.

As the forest becomes aware of Camille's disappearance everyone is thrown into a panic. Soon, it becomes obvious that her rescue has to fall to Mister Robin. He quickly enlists the help of other forest friends and they set out to find her. As he proceeds to save Camille he also unravels the mystery of her large wings, the magic surrounding her and how very important she is to the Evergreen Wood.

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